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visitor charter

One of the first conversations to come out of our community workshops was around the importance of communication, connection and expression of who we are. CoaST had long experience of developing visitor charters: simple expressions by people who live in a place, welcoming their visitors and explaining how they can be the “best sort of visitor”.

A bespoke workshop was organised, and a million ideas were synthesised into a charter which, unexpectedly, became the voice of the work of the Partnership. It set out the values and principles on which the Partnership activity was built, and how our community was going to make sure visitors have a fantastic time, whilst making a fantastic contribution to our place.

The Tin Coast Visitor Charter was born.

Visitor Charter Workshops

And this is what emerged from all those discussions about what’s important to us, and how we welcome the best sort of visitor to our place. It’s a cauldron of rainbows and granite, setting light to people’s senses with what we can see and touch and smell and hear and taste. And at the same time, it’s a call inviting our visitors to accompany us in our labour of love as we keep this place spectacularly inviting as a place to welcome visitors, and yet fundamentally precious as our community, and our home.