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The funding allowed us to build community assets and infrastcuture we just wouldn’t have had before – some of them with practical work on the ground, some of them enabling something that was there to come to the fore and be seen.

Some of those examples are:

1: electric car charging network
2: joined up car parking and cycling routes
3: renewed footpath network for us all

1: we've built an electric car charging network


2: we've built a network of joined up car parking and cycling routes

The project is setting up a Bikes for Transport scheme, with 3 electric bikes to be maintained and housed at Geevor Tin Mine, available for employees and volunteers of Tin Coast Partnership Steering Group members to use to travel around the Tin Coast for work/volunteering purposes. Connected to this is the bike parking at Geevor, and the signage to encourage people to park there and walk down to the beach, taking cars off the road and, crucially, away from tiny lanes where congestion can cause minor nuisance to critical problems of emergency access.

Photo: Perran Tremewan

3: we've renewed a foot path network to keep us connected to the land (and not our cars!)

We got all this information onto our website, in as many helpful ways as possible. You can see some right here: