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What we set out to do:

Extend the season and broaden the visitor base

How we decided to do it:

– develop and deliver year-round programme of events and activities that are sensitive to the area;
– seek to work collaboratively and support local ideas that fill the cultural, heritage and artistic gaps in the current events offer.

West Cornwall is resplendent in cultural wealth, a place of music and poetry, sculpture and painting; ceramics inspired by the sea and performance driven by our stories of the past, and our imagining of the future. Our job was to contribute in such a way that the whole was enhanced and more people connected. So we went to the community to see what they would like to do and see and create, and how we could bring more to the shoulder season for all. We commissioned xxx events, with the decision made by community members.

Below are some of the examples of this work, all singing loud from our website and inviting participation to community and visitor alike. Covid has meant we were pushed off course; but we built and invented and crafted while we were locked down, and we are back on track with an array of activities, walks and experiences that welcome visitors and delight our community members alike, and all year round. It also gave us the opportunity to develop links with local community services and connect to our social prescriber network.

We worked with local community members to assess which of the suggested events and cultural activities would honour our place and people; an amazing way to understand the depth and breadth of our own cultural wealth, support our local artists, and deepen our collaboration with business, community and creativity. This is what some of the chosen events creators said:

"Thank you! We are all absolutely delighted, very exciting for us, we have always run events on a very tiny budget, relying on people doing things for free, bringing food etc, this money will go a long way to making these two events really special."

"Thanks again for taking an interest in Bosavern Community Farm, it is great for us to be involved in the Tin Coast Partnership. "

"We could not be more thrilled to hear that you would like to commission our Sustainable Pendeen event ... Wow! We can’t quite believe it yet. We will, of course, be sure to use it very carefully and wisely. It will make such a big difference to be able plan an event with a budget for the very first time. A huge thank you from Sustainable Pendeen."

"This is brilliant news, I am very excited that I have been successful and will really look forward to working with the Tin Coast. "

"That is wonderful news! We are very much looking forward to getting stuck in! "

"What wonderful news and how generous of the Tin Coast Events Programme to commission us with a contribution towards putting on our next event. Please pass the appreciation of the Lafrowda committee to everyone involved."

"That’s fantastic news, I’m thrilled. This will be so nice to work on."

"We are delighted and looking forward to working on this."

"Thanks for working with Cornwall 365 to 'commission' this amazing programme of events in such difficult circumstances. "

"The development of these commissions seems so sensitively thought through - it's really brilliant. "

"The Tin Coast team are inspiring and this really is a wonderful project to be involved in. "

" I am getting really excited to work especially after our lovely meeting yesterday at Geevor. "

"Really great to have that discussion and it felt really exciting to think about possible interlinking projects."

"Thank you so much, today was very inspiring for me; I came away very enthused about all this wonderful work that is about to happen! "

"Thanks for today. It was really great and I'm so excited about all the amazing things that will be happening on our little coast. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. "

Community members we commissioned to run the (covid-canny!) events programme