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A Partnership involves listening, understanding, communicating, collaborating and planning. Ideally, of course, by spending time in the same room together, and ideally not in response to a global emergency.

But you don’t always get your ideal conditions handed to you on a plate, so you need to get creative.

So we did. Instead of our planned sessions looking at a range of issues according to a carefully organised timetable, which was all upended as a result of Covid, with all manner of uncertainty as to what might happen next, we changed tack.

In April 2020, we started to run weekly recovery sessions for our business and community network, online, inviting everyone who might want to attend, and so began the most creative and constructive part of our collaboration. Every week, with almost no exceptions, we ran a weekly online session where as well as engaging with the nuts and bolts of the four workstreams, we shared information, speculated as wisely as we could, hauled in whatever snippets of information and guidance we could find in the multiple and changing government announcements, offered moral support, and listening ear, a huge range of ideas and shared experiences around the global health crisis.

And as a result, we feel incredibly connected, better aware of all aspects of our own community, and more confident, than we could ever have imagined.

"The pandemic has provided an additional challenge, but you have taken it as an opportunity for innovation and using technology to develop the business network(ing). ( local facilitator)

Having weekly meetings ... has helped me to get through these extraordinary times – as a one man band it can be quite a burden thinking through all the challenges and your support has been invaluable. (local business owner)

Working as part of the TCP has been great, in my 7 years at Geevor this has been the most effective and collaborative project I have had the pleasure to be involved with. (local business)

Thank goodness this resource is here to help us through recovery. We are building a sustainable network and finding our way, together, through what is happening; in a reflective way. What we are doing on the Tin Coast could be a model for Cornwall to follow. (partner)

We feel united in making the most of what we have and applying it to the new situation. (steering group member)