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March 2017 ....

The story of the Tin Coast Partnership began in 2017.

The community began to talk about planning for enhancing the impact and role of tourism across the area, for visitors, business and community members – making the good things better, and better managing any unwanted impacts.

The first meeting took place in March 2017. Workshops followed, talking with community members across the Tin Coast. The dozens of ideas were sifted and organised into what could be done at no cost, what could be done at low cost, and what would need more financial ooomph. Collaboration was afoot…

A decision was made to apply for money to begin to deliver the ideas that arose. The National Trust managed the process, employing a local consultant to work with the community on deciding what their priorities were, with the help of another local organisation, CoaST, who specialise in sustainable tourism and had worked with a number of the Partnership members before.

Those first, founding members were St Just Town Council, Cornwall and West Devon World Heritage Site Team, Cornwall Council, Geevor Tin Mine, Land’s End Accommodation Providers (LEAP), The National Trust, Plymouth University, Penwith Landscape Partnership and Cornwall 365.

The Tin Coast Partnership was born.

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