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the art of stakeholding

Sustainable tourism is fundamentally about community, and how the visitor economy enables it to thrive. Those who have a stake in that are many. The roll-out of the project included community members, local newsletter editors, community centre managers, small businesses, food shops, bike hire, visitor attractions, membership organisations such as the National Trust, the local town council, social enterprises, artists, bakers and tour guides. Because that’s the community; and the project is fundamentally rooted in that community and how it operates collectively.

In July the project began with the addition of delivery partners First Kernow and CoaST, the international sustainable tourism network first born in Cornwall in 2014.

Governance was established to honour this collective endeavour.  The Coastal Community Fund grant has been administered by The National Trust who also host the roles of Project Manager and Local Coordinator.

Photo: Mary Ann Bloomfield

The project itself has been developed and delivered by the Tin Coast Partnership Steering Group with shared decision making across the Tin Coast businesses and local community.

A central aim of the project continues: to plan for the long term and to think about how the activities we implement, and the Partnership that helped achieve this, can continue together way beyond the 31 March 2021.

You can see more about who the Network and Partnership is here.

This project is led with a belief in the power of collective action and everyone’s role as a part of this.  

Steering Group member