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Leaving the car behind and exploring by bike and on foot brings you so much closer to our cherished landscape; connecting you to our rich mineral, maritime and agricultural heritage, and to the people who over millennia have travelled and shaped this land and, whose toil and ingenuity is still very much  in evidence today.  

A local resident and cyclist.

And it feels pretty good too.

The rewards for exploring on two wheels are well worth it - for you, for our roads and for our environment.

Stepping out of your car, taking to 2 wheels, breathing in our clean reviving coastal air and slowing down your pace will make for a spectacular day!

And, exploring by bike also helps our local community to keep its narrow rural lanes car and congestion free and ensure that the fresh face whipping coastal air stays clean, so that our future generations can thrive.

And it's also great fun - just ask Riley (and Pete) - although a picture really does paint a thousand words!

Introducing a Grandson and Grandad duo who know exactly how to adventure by bike; together. Literally. Here they are, sharing some of their chosen local favourite spots to cycle to....

There are so many quiet country lanes to cycle on around the Tin Coast, all joined up by the coast road, the B3306, which is on the wish list of many pro-cyclists, a route that has found it’s way into the Tour of Britain 2021.

The mines of Geevor, Levant, Bosigran and the Crown mines at Botallack are all easily accessed by bike. We like to lock up and walk out from the mines to explore some of the hidden gems at Porthmeor and Kenidjack Valley.

If ancient stones are your thing, the sites of Lanyon Quoit and Men-an-Tol are both easily found by taking a quick diversion off the road between Morvah and Madron. (If in doubt the Tin Coast’s online  ‘Places to Go’ map has directions).

If you are starting in St Just then it’s a very short ride to the ‘real’ Land’s End at Cape Cornwall.  Watch Richard from the National Coastguard tell the story of how Cape Cornwall, the once mostly westerly point in Britain was replaced by the ‘Land’s End’ that we know of today and which can be seen from the Cape.

Cycling over to Carn Gloose from Cape Cornwall gives you the perfect look out spot towards the stretching goldens sands of Sennen Cove. And from Carn Gloose you can cycle down to Cot Valley and Porth Nanven beach to hunt for dinosaur eggs (large smooth egg-like granite boulders)  – a must for an family bike riding adventure.

All waiting and ready to welcome you.

But do take it steady and expected the unexpected on our narrow and windy roads.

For those looking to hire bikes locally visit Lands End Cycle Hire