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Thank you to all our featured storytellers who embraced the idea of unscripted conversation. It is because of them that these films do just what you asked us to do!

Available as Tin Coast website Stories and also stored on the Tin Coast’s Vimeo account they can be used on your social media channels and as way to give visitors information and itineraries to help them explore.

You will need to create a Vimeo account to share or embed these films for your own use in promoting the local area.

These 8 films were created by production company Soundview Media and captured in the making by photographer Perran Tremewan.

Audio Stories

As with our films our audio stories have been carefully combined to capture some of the Tin Coast’s distinctive attributes using powerful storytelling to inspire respectful tourism and make it easy for visitors to understand that this is a multilocation destination highlighting and being guided by the geographical, historical and cultural uniqueness of the place and by an enduring Cornish spirit that is defined by our strong, thriving and resilient community.

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Photo: Perran Tremewan

Website Images

A collection of over 100 landscape images celebrate the seasonal changes of West Penwith, the unforgiving Atlantic, ancient moorland, wild viewpoints, industrial landscape and hardy environment. The lens points deliberately at encouraging visitors to wander and explore all that is on offer year round and away from peak season.

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