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Here is a snapshot of just some of the images available for you to download from the Tin Coast Network

Scroll to read more about how to access these images.

A snapshot of images available for digital use, downloadable from the Tin Coast Network Sharepoint

For you to use for digital purposes only these images can be used on your social media channels, blog posts, website content and e-newsletters to connect visitors to the Tin Coast as a destination, enhancing their understanding of our geographical, historical and cultural uniqueness by bringing them closer to our landscape and heritage.

Conditions of image use

Because these images are free to use by all network members and for an unlimited time there are a number of conditions that come with this. Please support the future of this free resource by limiting the images use as follows:

  • Only images of the landscape can be used. Images with identifiable people in may not be used.
  • Images can only be used digitally. ie. on websites, social media, e-flyers.
  • Images cannot ever be used in printed materials such as flyers, newspapers, magazines.
  • Images are for non-commercial use which means you cannot use or reproduce the images onto items to sell or profit from.
  • Please do not sell the images to a third party, enter them into competitions or share them with another organisation outside of the Tin Coast Network.
  • Please do not claim credit for taking the images.
  • If you are able to, please credit the images to Perran Tremewan who would really appreciate the gesture.

The large nature of these image files means that they are kept on a file storage platform called Google Drive. Using GDrive makes them easy to view and share.

File storage platforms also help limit downloads and duplications; which in turn helps us to limit both our environmental and financial costs.

Film Stories

We asked people who live and work on the Tin Coast what was important to them about their place. They told us to be sensitive and not over sensational the place, be subtle, tell stories – lots of them - but using the ‘words’ of the people who are born to and drawn to the place, help people to embrace and understand our culture and most definitely protect the natural landscape so that we have a sustainable and thriving future.

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Audio Stories

As with our films our audio stories have been carefully combined to capture some of the Tin Coast’s distinctive attributes using powerful storytelling to inspire respectful tourism and make it easy for visitors to understand that this is a multilocation destination highlighting and being guided by the geographical, historical and cultural uniqueness of the place and by an enduring Cornish spirit that is defined by our strong, thriving and resilient community.

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