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Using traditional and digital communication marketing channels shared campaigns across the area give business the opportunity to connect with visitors and residents through aligned promotional messaging that builds on the principles of our Visitor Charter.

And, these campaigns will help to ensure local visitor information sources and destination management tools like the Xplor App, Tin Coast Website and Wifi access points are easy to find and made the most of.

Lead by Tin Coast Partnership Steering Group in collaboration with network members the following campaign themes are being explored:

Unauthorised Camping

Over the years we have noticed a change in the amount of 'wild' camping see on the Tin Coast - the size and scale of the campers/ vans and the change from small scale, respectful 'wild' campers to unwanted 'fly campers' - people who think it is okay to leave a trail of mess / equipment and waste behind them.

The campaign centres around encouraging anyone staying overnight in a vehicle to use our local popup sites and established holiday parks – explaining why doing this will not only protect and preserve our local environment but also support our local economy. 

Starting from a place of positive messaging landowners and conservation volunteers try to engage campers about the issues faced by the impact of camping in unauthorised places and have local flyers to hand which give information about local campsites.

We are also asking local businesses to contact wild camping app companies asking them to be responsible for advising their app users about the places where no overnight camping restrictions are in place and to share messaging about protecting landscapes and supporting local businesses. 

If you would like to join this campaign please contact John.

Leave Your Car Behind

We have a number of resources available to encourage people to explore the Tin Coast car free.

These include our Visitor Charter and Xplor Tin Coast App along with messaging about connecting to the landscape and spending more time in one place – after all the best way to get a true sense of the area is to take your time and explore.  

The Tin Coast website imagery and posts helps people to rethink the car by promoting walking routes, cycling, bus information, and is consistent in encouraging people to experience a deeper connection to the area through discovery. 

Geevor and the National Trust have also joined forces as part of this campaign to instigate a park and stride approach to visitors wanting to explore the mines and coastline between Levant and Pendeen. Their messaging actively advises people to park at Geevor for FREE and reach Levant on foot, with maps and the App on hand to guide them.

We would like to see this campaign develop beyond what we have done so far. If you are interested in helping to this please contact John.

Shop Local

buy local, support local, life like a local...

Soon to be up and running the theme of the Tin Coast Instagram is to promote local businesses in the area, signposting people to all that is on offer in an effort to guide their spending choices in support of our local economy to help keep it thriving year round.

If you would like to feature on Instagram and / or would like to help run this campaign on behalf of the Network please contact Jack.

Making our Visitor Information resources easy to find

We need to make it known to visitors that we have Wifi points, Visitor Information (Hubs, VIP’s and Website), advice on how to be the 'best' guest, local stories and insights to share and an Xplor App.

Think window stickers, digital assets and QR codes for members to use in their own digital communications and customer information along with eye catching posters positioned in the right places.

If you would like to develop this campaign and advise on how best to launch these resources to visitors to the area please contact Megan or Delia.

Direct Email Marketing

Sending relevant and relatable information to audiences who have told us they would like to hear from the Tin Coast.

We ask users of the free wifi if they would like to opt in to hearing news from the Tin Coast. With a direct marketing campaign in the making we hope to promote ‘Beyond the Beach’ messaging about our local landscape, nature, heritage, community and culture – ready for Spring, Autumn and Winter through carefully written and timely direct email campaigns to audiences who have subscribed.

If you would like to be involved in shaping a seasonal and place sensitive approach to promoting the Tin Coast and enriching the experience of the area to our existing visitors and our residents, please contact Megan.