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Meet Jade, Jack, Delia and John

Members of the Tin Coast Network, they can help you navigate the MEMBER AREA, Visitor Welcome Resources and Image Library. They know how to organise access the various resources and what can be found where, as well as looking after some of the physical resources that are available for you to use.

They do this in a voluntary capacity with the support of their organisations.

Alternatively findĀ us on [email protected]

Jade Bone - National Trust (West Cornwall)

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Jack Roberts - Pendeen Community Heritage Trust

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Email:[email protected]
Geevor Tin Mine Website

Delia Webb - Local Business Owner

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John Swarbrooke - St Just Town Council

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Jack, Jade, John and Delia are also members of the The Tin Coast Partnership Steering Group and have been involved in the wider work of the Tin Coast Destination Management Plan for a number of years.


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