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There are 3 ways to add your business to the Tin Coast Website

1. Add your business to our 'Places to Go' listings

By registering with the Network your business name, address and website will automatically be listed on the ‘Places To Go‘ map.

However, this map is not just so visitors can find you. Think of the map as the place where the Network begins!

Use it to find, and be found by, Network Members. Businesses on the map are aligned to the principles of responsible, respectful and sustainable tourism and looking for ways to work together with other Network members to plan for and manage the impact of visitors on the Tin Coast.

If you would like your basic listing to be upgraded with information and an image please Email us with the following:

  1. Opening times (include if you are open year round)
  2. Social media handles / links
  3. Nearest bus stop to this address
  4. A short description of your business/organisation
  5. Provide 1 high resolution image (not logo). approx 5 to 6 MBIf your image includes people please confirm you have permissions for use.
  6. Select a maximum of 3 listings categories that best describe you:

2. Add your event to our 'Things to Do' listings

We hope that by businesses and organisations planning and promoting events that compliment each other and happen all year round we will limit adding to our visitor numbers in the summer and encourage more out of season audiences – taking the pressure off the community but keeping our economy going at the same time.

To get listed on our ‘Things To Do’ page follow the ‘SUBMIT AN EVENT’ instructions on Cornwall 365 What’s On website.

Listing your event is FREE.

What appears on Cornwall 365’s website under the Tin Coast area will then appear on our ‘Things To Do’ page.

By using the digital technology from their website to create the event listing on this website we can promote what you are doing locally and across Cornwall. And because Cornwall 365 work with Visit Cornwall too, you will also see your event find its way onto Visit Cornwall’s What’s On pages too.

It also means we aren’t duplicating in effort or costs, and it takes the worry away from us when it comes to the technology that makes this genius thing happen!


3. Get featured in our 'Local Life' Blog

1. Please read about the background to our Blog (below) along with our Tone of Voice document (found in the brand resources located on Sharepoint).

2. Then, email Jack with your blog idea.

The story behind our ‘Local Life’ Blog

To help visitors to the Tin Coast understand what the place means to the people who live and work here, we would like to share with them your local guides and stories about the Tin Coast told in your words.

Inspired by Visit Stockholm’s ‘Locals Recommend’ section of their website which is made up of content offering visitors new ways to explore Stockholm with tips and personal guides  – our ‘Local Life’ Blog is our place for us to do the same, bringing the Tin Coast alive with real, local stories and conversations that make the area an easy place to find, visit and explore.

Our blog content is planned to encourage people to visit all year round with a specific focus on off peak seasons and that is sensitive to and reflective of the people and place – and of course, keeping some insider tips for ourselves!

Having a Local Life Blog means we can talk more about our community at the same time as giving our visitors more itinerary ideas and recommendations as well as offering a wide range of topics  – promoting businesses and, overtime, ensuring we have something of interest for everyone.

And if we keep to our Visitor Charter values and use our writing tips from our brand resources then we can keep ensuring that our messaging is place sensitive, respectful and beneficial to our community.

Blog themes to inspire you

If it helps we have grouped the distinctive attributes into 4 themes:

A Remarkable People  |  a heritage that is passed on by its people to its people through their culture, buildings, objects, stories and events. We would like to blog about Arts, Culture, Community, Cornish Language, Food and Drink, Music and Events.

An Astonishing History  |  the voices of the areas past still lead in its present, offering a direct insight into the history of the Tin Coast. We would like to blog about Mining, Archaeology, Geology, Farming, Fishing and the Coast.

A Sustainable Future  |  This is a resilient coast and it attracts resilient people with a strong sense of belonging. We would like to blog about Conservation, Climate, Technology, Innovation and Nature.

An Uncommon Place  |  The Tin Coast is an almost-island defined by contrast and contradictory forces. We would like to blog about Spirituality, Traditions, Folklore & Superstition, Weather  and Astronomy.


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