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Whatever we do, wherever we go as businesses and organisations we have an impact. It is our responsibility to step up our actions to make this impact a positive one. As stewards of this place it is our job to encourage others to do the same. Our Visitor Charter speaks of this loudly all the way through.

Leading with positive, warm and welcoming messaging about respectful tourism, harmonious with and beneficial to the current way of life in the area, both in and out of season we hope the Charter will help connect visitors to the local area in new ways and with the behaviour we think is beneficial.

How to use the Charter

Available in hardcopy, online and in electronic versions you may like to share the Tin Coast Visitor Charter as part of your visitor/guest/customer welcome and information offer.

There is also a helpful editable version available for your business to add your own messages that you may want to emphasise like picking up litter, being considerate of your neighbours, embracing reduce, reuse, recycle principles, sticking to local paths… feel free to make it your own!

Hear Riley and Mareme tell conservationist Manda Brookman about why they support a call for sustainable tourism in a place so easily impacted by human action.

Where to get hold of the Charter

Pdf and word versions are available on our file sharing platform.

A5 hardcopy versions are available from Network member, Megan.