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Located at Geevor Tin Mine Museum, Pendeen and Penzance Welcome Centre

Our Hubs are set up to act as central point of local knowledge, advice and information that reinforce the Tin Coast values and messaging about harmonious tourism.

Based on a loose adaptation of a mining barrow the Hubs are a cohesive representation of the Tin Coast brand, and feature:

  • QR codes for quick access to our destination information website and Visitor Charter.

  • A magnetic and draw on map to build itinerary ideas, locate key facilities and give directions.

  • An interactive screen to access our Website and other local information sources.

  • Quotes from our Tin Coast Stories and Cornish Language translations.

Originally designed to move around the Tin Coast and West Cornwall, we learned once the Hubs were complete that the materials used to build them made them a little on the heavy side and that they are much better when they stay put. But, watch this space. We are still on track for a fully mobile offer, with a few design tweaks and change in materials we hope to have something soon.

Mobile Hubs x 4

A few design tweaks and change in materials these hubs are similar to our mining barrow hubs BUT are fully mobile, which means they can go on a tour of our network businesses.

Very lightweight and easy to stack away and carry, these Hubs have all the QR codes needed to direct visitors to local information and a handy map for you to write your own directions and itineraries on.

If your business would like to host a mobile hub get in touch with Jack.

To see one in action visit St Just Library.


The Hubs are at their best when there is conversation and storytelling as part of the visitor information offer.

Appreciating how valuable this role is and to support volunteers to feel confident with the practical, factual, information side of welcoming visitors we have free Visitor Information Training available for anyone and everyone who would like to support one of our Visitor Information Hubs.

Our training has been designed by Cornwall Rural Community Charity with modules that include:

•Service Skills
•Using IT/Social Media
•Tin Coast Ethos and Visitor Charter
•Cornish Language
•Disability Awareness

If you or you know anyone might like to benefit from this training please get in touch with Delia.

Visitor Information Points

For businesses, community groups and facilities who feel they would like to signal to visitors that they are a Tin Coast Visitor Information Point please get in touch with Delia.

All you need is to believe in and support our values of harmonious tourism, be able to welcome and guide people around the Tin Coast by signposting to our website (and what it has to offer), our Hubs, our XplorTinCoast App and Visitor Charter – and enjoy having conversations about your own local insights on the ‘best’ way to see, hear and connect to the Tin Coast.

By becoming a VIP you will join in with many other VIP businesses across the area and be easily identifiable with a window sticker like the one shown here. If you have room you could display a poster about our XplorTinCoast App / Website and have hardcopies of the Visitor Charter available for your customers. You would also be listed under the VIP search filter on our  ‘Places to Go’ map.