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Promote your business offer and learn more about visitor behaviour

Step by step guides on how to create an account and add you business to the XplorTinCoast App along with walk through videos of the apps main features are available on our GDrive – the Network file sharing platform.

If data is your thing and you would like to share what you learn from using the App’s data insights with the wider Tin Coast Network please get in touch with Jack or Megan.

About the App

Promoted to visitors via our Visitor Information Hub, posters in local businesses and as part of the ‘Plan Your Visit’ section of this site, the Tin Coast App is free to download and designed to guide visitors to explore the local area on foot and by public transport.

Clever in App features also enable businesses to target time limited / personalised offers at busy locations essentially drawing visitors away from the busy spots, encouraging them to explore new places and spend locally.

How does the App work for Visitors?

Businesses, facilities, bus stops and points of interest are marked on the app’s map. An interactive map with live GPS routing shows users where they are and the best route to the location or facility they wish to get to, with a choice of an accessible friendly route and live next bus times.

Snippets of information are triggered when users arrive at listed locations, thanking them for their considerate visit and connecting the visitors experience to important local knowledge and stories.

The App also has the ability to show users which areas are busy and recommend alternative routes, effectively dispersing them to quieter places.

Daily offers generated by local businesses can be promoted directly to users via the in-App ‘send offer’ feature.

The Visitor Charter is promoted by the App along with a section on current events and offers from local businesses.

How does the App work for businesses?

As a business, local organisation or community group you can:

  1. Appear on the app.
  2. Have regular offers available to drive visitors to your business.
  3. Send tailored one-off offers to specific app users, such as a discount on coffee for the next hour or a special offer for one day only, and monitor how many offers are viewed and redeemed.
  4. Send notifications to specific visitors, ie app users near a specific location can be sent a notification to keep dogs on leads for example.
  5. Events, festivals and exhibitions can be highlighted, and links provided to further information.
  6. If high number of app users are at your business, the app will update to highlight the business as ‘busy’ so visitors can make an informed choice before traveling.
Watch our training videos to learn more about how the app works. Use the same password you use for this resource area to gain access.

And the data insights? Why are these important?

The app gathers anonymous data and insights on how app users travel around the Tin Coast and their behaviour.

From a destination planning perspective these insights will help us to understand and predict visitors behaviour. We can use what we learn to inform how we plan for and manage the future impacts of visitors both through business collaboration and cross promotion and by designing harmonious tourism messaging and promotions campaign in response to what we learn.