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Photo: Perran Tremewan

The Tinners Way is an historic path crossing a large part of the Penwith landscape, and was used by tin miners to move the tin from mines in Penwith to the coast for trading.

Authored by a local Tin Coast resident, The Guide to the Tinners Way and Nearby Ancient Sites breaks down the 18 mile (29km) route into 5 short walks.

The walks combined describe over 20 prehistoric and early Christian sites along its way that traces, as closely as possible, the ancient paths along which tin and copper were transported from the mineral rich area around St Just to sheltered anchorages at St Ives and to Mount’s Bay.

The Tinners Way from Cape Cornwall to St Ives leads you through the following ancient and astonishing sites:

  • Cape Cornwall
  • Kenidjack Cliff Castle
  • Tregeseal Stone Circles
  • Carn Kenidjack
  • Chun Quoit
  • Chun Castle
  • Mên-an-Tol
  • Men Scryfa inscribed stone
  • Four Parish Boundary Stone
  • Nine Maidens Stone Circle
  • Mulfra Quoit
  • Bishops Head and Foot
  • Zennor Quoit

Directions are best found using the resources listed above.