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Feast your way across the Tin Coast with our guide to eating and drinking along this breath-taking seven-mile stretch.

Whether you’ve been clambering over rocky peaks or dipping your toes into the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you will always be just a short meander from some of the region’s most celebrated eateries and food and drink producers alike.


A refresh for the coastal wanderer

Looking for something simple? Refuel with the humble pasty perched on a ‘mossel bench’ at Geevor Tin Mine or step back in time with a glass of soul-warming Cornish mead in the small village of Trewellard. Wherever you rest your wandering feet, this modest experience is an echo of time gone by, still deeply woven into the cultural heritage of this weathered landscape.

But, with time, also comes change. Today, you can also amble your way through a myriad of local delis, butchers, bakeries of St Just and more for a snapshot into the homegrown, handmade and rustic delicacies on offer.

And, once laden with treats, there is no doubt that lounging on the edge of the jaw-dropping cliff top with a swirling sea below is the perfect picnic spot.

Once you finish salvaging your energy, though, don’t forget to take your waste with you. Our exceptional wildlife will surely thank you.


A fireside respite for the time-rich

Adventuring across this landscape should never be rushed. So, if an hour idling by the fireside is more your style, indulge in the earthy flavours of local dining in the form of our many pubs, restaurants or artisan cafes.

From a hearty Cornish breakfast to the likes of a delicate lemon sole, fresh straight off the boat that morning or a selection of  tapas treats in Pendeen; there’s a menu to suit every foodie’s tastes.

Not only will you find yourself immersed in savouring the best of native produce, but our welcoming hospitality will also connect you to our local growers and makers in a way that has you wishing you could also call this rugged and resilient place home.

A souvenir from the Tin Coast

For centuries, fishing and farming has shaped the food of this landscape – and it still rings true today.

Just step into one of our farmers’ markets (you can find them at various times of the week in St Just, Sennen and Pendeen) for a chance to delve into the fresh produce often celebrated on menus across the region.

Or why not stop by the local Bosavern Community Farm just outside of St Just to stock up on fresh organic and sustainably grown crops for your own kitchen? If you are staying with us for a while then ask them about their local food boxes, delivered to your door!


To discover more about our wide-ranging food and drink explore our interactive map.


Dog friendly cafes, pubs and restaurants

  • The Dog and Rabbit Cafe, St Just
  • The Cook Book, St Just (café)
  • Kings Arms, St Just (pub)
  • London House Café, St Just
  • The Commercial, St Just (pub)
  • The Star Inn, St Just (pub)
  • The Square, St Just (café)
  • Maria Chica, Pendeen (café)
  • Radjel Inn, Pendeen (pub)
  • Count House Café, Pendeen
  • Trewellard Meadery, Trewellard (meadery)
  • Trewellard Arms, Trewellard (pub)
  • The Queen’s Arms, Botallack (pub)

Amenities on route


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