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Don't get caught off guard

As a land ravaged by weather and seas, it pays to be prepared when you come to the Tin Coast. Our 'St Just Sunshine', more commonly know as sea mist, can catch out even the best planners!

Whether you’re watching the storms roll in across the waves, or basking in the sunlit lea of the land, the west is a place of fast-changing conditions that, not only add to its rugged character, but can often leave you wishing you’d thrown more supplies in the backpack.

From having a fully-charged phone or location device (safety first, please) to strong walking shoes that help you clamber over our craggy terrain, this handy list will ensure you’re completely sorted, while getting the most out of your time in this awe-inspiring landscape:

  • A camera. Always always a camera!
  • Binoculars for nature and bird-watching
  • Flora and fauna guides
  • Guidebook/maps
  • Strong walking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket/all-weather gear
  • Your cycle helmet (there is bike hire locally and cycling is such a treat)
  • Sun cream and sun hat
  • Fully-charged phone/location device
  • Headphones to listen to our Tin Coast Stories when you are out and about.

Cornwall’s Tin Coast life just like the landscape that surrounds it was often hard or relentless and the weather in it’s many extremes was at all times inescapable. This is what made working and living in Penwith exhilarating and enlivening.  

Words of Matt Retallick who is exploring the history and culture of West Penwith in all its forms.

Pack for the planet

Help us in our battle to become as sustainable as possible, protecting this coast for future generations to come.

No one wants to be striding through breath-taking ruins along a sheer cliff edge, swirling seas at your feet… only to find the litter left behind from the last explorers.

Every small act of kindness ensures we can continue to welcome adventure-seekers, while securing the future of our remarkable landscape and its diverse wildlife.

To help you get started, include this list of essentials on your journey here, of which both our nature and community will thank you for in the long run:

  • Reusable water bottle – you can refill in our local businesses
  • Reusable coffee cup (we love the Circular & Co Cup – from a Cornish business too)
  • A bag to store your rubbish
  • Dog poo bags
  • And maybe even your broken toaster –  you can get it fixed at our local repair café! Perfect.