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Securing the money

So began two years of organising all those ideas into a plan that would involve as much of the community as possible, and generate the results they wanted. Personal and business upheavals happened, families envolved, changes rolled through the community as they always do – but the resolve held fast.

In April 2019 the Tin Coast Partnership were successful in their application for funding from the Coastal Community Fund, with the overarching aspiration to use the principles of sustainable tourism to sustain, extend and create local jobs across the Tin Coast, and to achieve this with residents and businesses in a way that protects the Tin Coast landscape, natural environment, heritage and culture whilst meeting the development needs of the local visitor economy.

Change was afoot …

It's called the Coastal COMMUNITIES Fund for a reason. The Project is lead through a focused exchange of ideas with other people. It is very much a shared project. Ever evolving with the work that we do being informed from, and emerging out of, collaboration. Our role is to connect multiple voices and conversations, listen to them and make sense of individual contribution to help the project move forward in a way that is not only needed, but also wanted and welcomed, so that it has a long lasting future.   

Jill Stott, Project Manager