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Milky Way over Botallack by Michael Lovell

Milky Way over Botallack

Look Up

The skies above the Tin Coast and the whole of west Penwith are some of the best for star gazing in the country.

In 2021 the area was officially recognised with the prestigious International Dark Sky Park Designation, awarded by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Looking up at the skies from the Tin Coast, the surrounding darkness and minimal light pollution allows the stars, planets and galaxies to be visible to the naked eye. Use binoculars or a specialist scope and your perspective may shift as you see 1000s of light years away.

If you’re interested in the ancient landscape of west Cornwall and how it relates to the night sky, you may wish to join Carolyn an archaeoastronomer on one of her tours of the Tin Coast.

Find out more about Cornwall’s International Dark Sky Parks here.

Photo: Perran Tremewan

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Chapter 12

Wild Skies

Embrace the wild skies of the west, where stormy weather battering the isolated outpost of the Cape Cornwall National Coastwatch station is just another day in the office.