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What is the Network, who is it for and how do I join?

Born from a belief in the power of collective action and everyone's role as part of this, the Tin Coast Network started on 20 November 2019.

The Tin Coast Network is for any and all businesses and community groups who are interested in working together to plan for visitors to the local area so that our economy thrives, in balance with our the local community, preserves and reveres our local heritage and culture, and protects our local landscape and natural environment so it can thrive in years to come.

It is still early days for us in developing this section of the website but if you would like to know more, join in, join other local businesses in monthly Network Zoom sessions, follow this link – you will find our team contact details are at the bottom of the ‘Staying Connected’ list.

To get listed on our ‘Places to Go’ map please send us your business details via this link: Become a listing

Who supports the Tin CoaST Network?

The Tin Coast Network was set up by The Tin Coast Partnership to find as many ways as possible to work together with local businesses and community groups to proactively plan for growth in the visitor economy and business productivity; making tourism a more sustainable – financially, socially, and environmentally.

Formed in 2017 the Tin Coast Partnership is steered by:

Funding from the Coastal Communities Fund has made this website possible.