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About the Tin Coast Network

The Tin Coast Network is building strong and meaningful links between and with, local businesses and organisations to help manage visitor behaviour, anticipate changing impacts and be as ready as we can be for the unexpected.

It is all about finding local businesses and organisations who want to work towards responsible, respectful and sustainable tourism aims, making it easy for them to identify and connect with each and providing them with the business tools and training they need.

Introducing the Tin Coast Network Business Tools

One of the main benefits of being a part of the Network is a collection of free to use tools, training, business and event listings, digital assets and place sensitive marketing ideas that help Network members welcome the 'best' kind of visitor to the Tin Coast, all year round and guide them in a way that will make sure they have a fantastic time, whilst making a fantastic contribution to our place.


Follow these TWO steps to join the growing members of the Tin Coast Network.

1. Read the Tin Coast Visitor Charter

2. If you like what the Visitor Charter is saying and agree with its messaging Register Here

Once registered you will receive a welcome message from the Network which will confirm

  • logins to access to Network members area of the website
  • a draft listing for your business to appear on the ‘Places to Go’ map as part of the Tin Coast destination website – a map that also shows other local businesses who else is working towards a responsible, respectful and sustainable local visitor economy.
  • a link to the Tin Coast Network shared drive where we keep all our local photography and resources that are best downloaded to use.

When did the Network start?

Set up in 2019 by The Tin Coast Partnership as part of its mission to find like minded local businesses and community groups looking to plan for and manage the impacts of local tourism, the Network is a simple way in which to join others in their efforts to achieve collective and positive change for the community, environment and visitor economy.

In the beginning the Network galvanised over training events, familiarisation activities and regular meetings to exchange relatable and relevant information. Covid moved the focus of the Network into crisis and recovery mode and it has taken a little time for the Network to regain momentum.