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The Tin Coast is the area around St Just, Pendeen and Morvah in West Penwith, Cornwall.

A place where people and landscape are woven together through time, where the ravages of industry and the elemental freedom of the sea and sky collide, where beauty is rugged and
where adventure beckons.

Our Visitor Charter

Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we have an impact. The trick is to make sure it’s a positive one.

Here are 5 simple ways to help!

Green, blue, granite grey
and spectacular

The Tin Coast is jaw-droppingly beautiful, down every lane, every cliff face, every beach, every mile of moorland. Sensitive and breathtakingly gorgeous, we’re all privileged to share its past and present. And, with such a wealth of extraordinary flora and fauna, help us to absolutely keep it this way by refusing packaging, bringing your own reusable refillables and cleaning up after your pets. Thank you!

Walk, sit, talk, read, relax
or dream

But do it all outside. Breathe in the clean air. Get out of your car and start walking or cycling if you can; the way to experience this place is through your senses, not a car window. We can show you where you can hire bikes, find buses or discover sights, experiences and walks you wouldn’t find anywhere else on this ‘almost island’. Just ask us. Switch your senses on.

Stay local, eat local, buy local, see local

We make and grow more in this place than you can ever imagine. Art, music, beer and clothes; bread and fruit, festivals, rum and roses. Live like a local. Taste what we offer you; we love what we do, and love sharing it. Enjoy. You’re incredibly welcome.

Speak up,
slow down

We love talking with you. Slow down, turn your mind and phone off for a while.
Come and have a chat in our pubs, in our shops, on our paths and trails.
And slowing down includes on our roads and lanes too. There is always something unexpected round the corner – a stunning view, a random chicken, a wiggle in the lane, a sudden suspended mist that needs your headlights, a dreamy horse and its rider or a family on bikes. Go slow and revel in our place and its uncommonness.

Come be climate canny with us

We’re working hard to face the impact of climate change, and our role in it. So we can tell you how to see our imagination-defying wildlife, vast ocean, ancient landscape and rich history in a way that never damages. Switch off your worries, your devices and the light switch (you get to see the stars better that way).

Come and love this place. Be fully present. Honour its past, love its present,
preserve its future.

Covid-19 means we have to stand apart right now - but the welcome is just as warm!

A few Covid-canny tips to having the most fabulous holiday:

As we all grapple with Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, thank you for joining us in staying Covid-canny during your visit to our fantastic Tin Coast.

  1. Times are a-changing! Check first, we may have adjusted our opening times or some of the ways we do things.
  2. Book ahead! We want to welcome you; our accommodation providers and some of our local attractions need you to book first; and stay flexible, in case you have to rethink departure and arrival times.
  3. Wash up! Keep washing hands and use hand sanitiser, and a reusable face covering when required.
  4. Keep moving! If places are full or appear crowded think about visiting another part of our awe-inspiring Tin Coast; or come back later.
  5. Buy fair! We love our visitors who buy local, but if Covid restrictions have an impact on what’s on the shelves in our local shops, help us share fairly with our more vulnerable community members by just buying what you need.
  6. And finally – rethink your visit if you or any of your party are feeling unwell. We’ll be here waiting to welcome you once you’re better!

We’re all living through strange times and having to do strange things, but it’s all because we’re keeping you, and our communities safe, happy and confident.

When you've read this, pass it on to someone else; and copy it with love, whoever and wherever you are. That's how good change happens.



Crafted by ‘CoaST One Planet Tourism Project’ from the words and stories of the people who live and work on the Tin Coast; in West Penwith, Cornwall.

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